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Astrosoft is a free indian astrology software program for astrologers.

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Astrosoft Description

Astrosoft is a free indian astrology software program for astrologers.


Birth Chart: Provides Birth chart of individual with Details of Lagna, Rasi, Nakshata, Thithi, Paksha, Siderial time, Dasa Balance.

Planetary Positions: Provides Longitudes, Rasi, Nakshathra Pada postion of all planets and jaimini karakas.

Bhava Positions: Provides Start , Mid and End Positions for all bhavas.

Divisional charts: Computes Bhava, Navamsa and all 16 shodasha varga charts.

Vimshottari dasa: Computes Vimshottari dasa details up to anthra.

Ashtavarga: Computes Ashtavarga of all planets with trikona, ekathipathya reduction and gunaharas.

Shadbala: Computes all shadbala of planets with ishta bala, kashta bala, bhava bala and ranks them based on strength.

Ephemeris: Provides daily and monthy Ephemeris for all the planets.

Panchang: Provides daily panchang with details of Nakshathra, Thithi, Yoga, Sunrise/SUNSET, Rahu kala, Yama kanda, Auspicious time.

Muhurtha: Provides auspicious muhurtha days with thara and chandara bala for given rasi/nakshathra.

Marriage Compactability: Computes compactibility kutas and dosha for given pair of birth chart or nakshathra.

Ayanamsa: Supports Lahari, Raman and Krishnamoorthy ayanamsa.

Location: All calculations can be computed for any place in world by providing latitude / longitude. It also has built-in latitudes / longitudes for all cities in India.

Language: Available in English and Tamil.

Astrosoft Screenshots

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What's New in Astrosoft 1.0

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Astrosoft Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98,Mac OS X,Mac OS 9,Linux

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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